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Past & Present

I am a PhD candidate at Boğaziçi University.


I have worked as a doctorate level research affiliate in the Department Political Science and International Relations at Boğaziçi University. 


I have received my masters degree in European Studies from Boğaziçi University with a 4.0 GPA. Having passed the qualifiers exam in 2010, I am currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science and International Relations. I specialize on comparetive politics and I am qualified to teach Turkish Politics, International Relations Theory and European Union Enlargement. Education has always stood up as a major problem in my studes and therefore caught my interest and became my focus in time. I am a member of the Boğaziçi Alumni Association BUMED. I also serve as on the Executive Board of BUMED since 2019.

I have received my Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Koç University.


I was the founding president of Koç University Music Club and I played the guitar in the school band. I have worked closely with the Dean of Students in extracurricular activities and participated actively in the University's social clubs including Radio Koç, Media Club and Marketing Club. Currenty, I am a member of the KUMED, the alumni association. I am also the alumni  representative of my class year.

I have been a student in Hiram College, a prestigious liberal arts school in Northeastern Ohio.


Hiram is one of the few partner schools of Boğaziçi University.


I was a double-major student in Management and Economics.


I have been a member of the Intercultural Forum and WHRM (Hiram Radio).

I have graduated from Conneaut High School in Ohio, USA with a 4.0 GPA.


While I was a foreign exchange student in Conneaut in my senior year, I have received a Certificate of Special Recognition from the Ohio House of Representatives.


I have conducted research on the American Government and the American History, and I have taken a photography class which I still utilize as a hobby. Meanwhile, I have played the guitar in a local band.


As the Turkish advocate of the international online learning platform Khan Academy, I currently serve as the director of Khan Academy Türkçe, a non-profit organization with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. 


Khan Academy is the world's largest global classroom, used by 100 million students every year. Khan Academy provides free online educational materials (e.g., practice exercises, instructional videos, dashboard analytics, teacher tools) that support personalized education for users of all ages in a scalable way.


The organization has delivered over 5 billion lessons around the world. Currently, 100 million students use Khan Academy every year as a free learning resource. As a leader in education technologies, Khan Academy is also used in classrooms by 2 million teachers every month. The platform covers subjects from basic Math to college level Biology and Art History.

I currently serve as the General Manager of (the Foundation for Translation of Scientific and Technical Publications) Bilimsel ve Teknik Yayınları Çeviri Vakfı, a foundation established and sponsored by the STFA Group of Companies. I am proud to be taking an active role in the education intiatives of the STFA Group.


STFA Group is one of Turkey’s most rooted and reputable conglomerates providing services in the construction, natural gas distribution, construction equipment and construction chemicals with a turnover of US$ 1.5 Billion.


Founded in 1938, STFA had the vision of developing innovative engineering solutions and services using world-class standards and with projects in Turkey and abroad. STFA is the first Turkish company to operate internationally and it is still reknown as one of the very few pioneering Turkish contractors to do so.

I have played the guitars in KLON, an alternative rock band from Istanbul, Turkey which was previously known as Noise Gate.


KLON has performed in Roxy Music Days in 2004 and 2005, released two records: "The State of Inertia" in 2006, and "Oyun Başladı" in 2007, played concerts in various venues and university festivals, released a music video "Oyun" in 2008, aired on national televisions.


KLON has always been an experimental project in both composing methods and recording technologies with a wide repertoire ranging from Industrial Rock to Electronic Music and Downtempo to Modern Jazz.


I am a guitarist, composer and a producer.



I have always been interested to photography.


As an amateur photographer, I enjoy shooting landscapes and animal portraits.


If you are interested, please find a part of my (outdated) portfolio on my flickr account:


I am a dedicated music listener and I like to see myself as an audiophile. I like collecting CD's and Vinyl and also build a digital collection. I love audio technologies and equipment; and certainly I love listening to music. Music has always been an essential part of my life since early childhood!


I am intereted in technology, cars and animals. I enjoy travelling, cooking and eating.


I love cats!

Thank you for reading.

If you have read all and scrolled all the way down here, I thought that you might me interested in my music and photography. If so, please find samples of my work in this page.

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