Yeni Nesil Öğrenme Girişimi (New Generation Learning Initiative)

We share, discuss, and learn from each other; together.


New Generation Learning Initiative is a non-profit that aims to bring together different perspectives and actors of the education circles: teachers, academics, state actors, private sector, NGOs or even students! Our goal is to share vision and good practices among actors and learn from each other as our ideas will merge into one that will create the basis for the way of a new generation learning. Education is changing, and it is changing faster than ever. Now is the time to come together to steer this change. Our core values are to be open, creative, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, inclusiory, pluralistic and positive. We organize monthly meetings where esteemed speakers share their vision or best practices through 15 minute TED Talks like presentations or 30 minutes workshops. The best of all, we don't seek financial profit; we are a social initiative for social benefit. Therefore, it is free and open to everyone. Come join us!

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Videos (in Turkish)